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DEPAZ - Unique Volcanic Terroir

The aromas of DEPAZ rhum tell of the history of Martinique. The birthplace of the DEPAZ brand, the “La Montagne” property is embedded on exceptional flanks of the Mount Pelée. These fertile but dangerous soils tell the amazing story of one man, Victor DEPAZ, and his extraordinary destiny.

Brand founder Victor DEPAZ literally built his distillery from the ashes after the 1902 eruption of the volcano Mount Pelée.

Deciding to resurrect his family’s estate in 1917, Victor’s venture became centred around the ‘terroir’ - its unique environmental make-up – that still provides the ideal growing conditions for sugar cane there today.

More than a century on, as the world tackles climate change, DEPAZ is adopting the same innovative approach to its environmental responsibilities while offering permium AOC Martinique Rums.


Our CSR commitments

The DEPAZ brand goes from strength to strength because of the courage of the man who founded it - Victor DEPAZ. In May 1902, the volcano Mont Pelée erupted near his home on the island of Martinique, killing his entire family, wiping out the town of Saint-Pierre, and destroying the DEPAZ family estate. Victor only survived because he was away studying in Bordeaux at the time. Bravely, the young entrepreneur decided to make a new life for himself in Canada, but on his journey he decided to make one last stopover on Martinique. It was here that he embraced his destiny and made the decision to rebuild his family’s estate and restart their distillery. Anchored in an intimate knowledge of the land, Victor’s strength is embodied in our expertise. Thanks to its ability to anticipate and adapt, DEPAZ believes any obstacle, be it environmental or economic, can be overcome. DEPAZ embraces problems and develop solutions, developing knowledge and methods while always producing exceptional rums. Committed to sustaining its unique environment - our ‘terroir’ - DEPAZ has implemented robust and effective measures to protect and nurture our land for generations to come. This work is illustrated by the certifications obtained such as HVE and ISO 14001.

Depaz commited - volcanic terroir

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