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BARDINET's Home - Domaine de Fleurenne

Since 1974, BARDINET has concentrated all of its activities at the magnificent Fleurenne estate in the heart of a 15.5-hectare site on the outskirts of Bordeaux. While respecting the company's age-old traditions with large warehouses reserved for careful ageing of its brandies, Bardinet also embraces modern technology, as seen through its ultra-modern production and bottling facilities and its research and control labs.

Bardinet Corporate

A historical Savoir-Faire

Originally a leader in the European rum market, BARDINET has diversified and now boasts a broad portfolio of outstanding spirits sold in hundreds of countries and enjoyed all around the world. A respect for our craft and attention to detail is at the core of everything we do, adhering to age-old traditions while embracing new technology. Only products of exceptional quality bear the BARDINET name. Our people are our biggest asset. Our hugely dedicated and passionate team nurture the brands, constantly adapting to stay in sync with consumer expectations and showing great creativity and innovation to stay ahead of market trends. 

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Our vision

"Because our brands are born from the richness of the land and the know-how of experts, we are very committed to respecting tradition.  Maintaining quality and making it accessible to all are the cornerstones of our company.  It provides the means to implement it independently".

Jean-Pierre CAYARD, CEO & Owner


"Creating brands with high emotional value, launching new concepts, listening and placing the consumer at the heart of things, as is our passion.  Seducing and convincing, entertaining and selling, that is our Spiritainment concept".  

Edith CAYARD, General Manager 

Mr et Mme Cayard

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